An Apple a Day {From the Archives}

The prequel to “Welling Up” was a blog I wrote for staff at a public library where I worked.  Being a public library staff person is so full of rewards, but also takes focus and dedication and patience and tolerance for chaos (as do many direct service positions), not to mention TIME TO DE-STRESS AND PRACTICE SELF-CARE!

Hence the wellness blog I wrote for staff, which continues here as “Welling Up”.  It was focused on tips which could be completed without much extra planning, in a 15 minute break.  From time to time I’ll include some of these posts from the archives.

This particular post was the very first, from Friday, December 5, 2014.  Compared to what I like to do now it’s a little skimpy, but has the basic outline of some wellness ideas, some extra readings, and a festive picture.



OK, this one does take a little forethought, but on a day that works for you, consider bringing an apple as a snack.  Apples have crazy health benefits and are also enjoyable! (that’s if you like them—if not, substitute another fruit that works for you).  See if you can unwind enough to really savor the apple, eating it thoughtfully.  That should take you up to fifteen minutes, but if not, take a few and look up some good, easy apple recipes, or read a little here about apple varieties.

More to read about apples and healthy office snacks:

Apple legends

Snacking healthier at work

100 Healthy Snacks to Share

(Photo credit: Caleb Roenigk )




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