Just a dash…

Of milk, in this case!  You may like a dash in your coffee, or your tea, or even in your whiskey.  At least for babies, milk is considered the perfect food.  Its health benefits are amazing: it increases bone health and heart health and may be protective against cancer and depression (since it contains, respectively, calcium, potassium and Vitamin D).  It helps build muscle, and may also help with weight loss.  It may even lower chances of becoming diabetic.  Since milk-drinking and dairy consumption is such an ingrained thing in our (American) culture, I probably don’t have to suggest avenues you might not have thought of, in order to indulge in it, but if you are looking for recipes here are some great ones!

But also, when writing about milk, there are so many aspects that can be controversial or problematic—more than any topic I’ve considered, which is sort of fascinating and indicates what a centrally complex food milk is for us.  Here are a few (with hyperlinks to more information) aspects to consider to get the full picture of how milk can enhance/affect your health:

If you can have milk, and choose to drink enjoy it, hoist a glass!  If not, marvel at its history (see below) and ubiquitousness, and enjoy whatever beverage suits your fancy.  I drink to your health!

More reading about milk:

–“Milk in first” when drinking tea used to be considered less socially desirable, but apparently science supports it!

— The milk revolution

–Weird milk facts: Russians keep a frog in their buckets of milk, and George Washington ran up a $200 ice cream bill

–Why don’t we drink camel’s milk?  Why cows?

–An “udderly bizarre” student trend

–For us urbanites, here is a site with cow milking equipment—not a bad thing to see what an intricate and challenging process it can be to produce enough milk for large populations!

Photo credit: Jerrold Bennett on Flickr

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