The Eyes Have It!

​‘Fess up, are you up to date with your eye doctor appointment?  Do you even know how often to see an eye doctor?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  In today’s Welling Up moment, I urge you to make that call, if you are overdue or if you’ve never gone—or at least to think about it, maybe look up some providers.  Here are some FAQs to address the thorny questions we all have about getting our precious eyes checked.

–OK, how often SHOULD I see the eye doctor?  Basically every year or two (of course, with some exceptions—you knew there were exceptions, right?)

–What the heck is the difference between an opticians deal with frames, lenses and contacts; optometrists (who are eye doctors but not medical doctors) give primary care such as prescriptions for helping you see and recognizing vision problems; ophthalmologists (yes, that is spelled correctly) are medical doctors and provide the full range of vision and medical services (but also usually cost more to see).

–Does the appointment hurt?  Wills’ Eye Hospital says no. And they should know.  But, some people have trouble reading for a little while afterwards (since they may dilate your pupils).

–How do I pick a good doctor?  Take a look at these suggestions from Consumer Reports, US News and World Report, and .  It takes some work, but it’s worth doing right!

–Did you know that eye antibiotics glow in the dark?  Neither did I, but this cool picture is evidence!

Some of us (those with any kind of glasses or contacts) probably don’t need this particular reminder, but we can search our own souls about teeth cleanings, mammograms, annual physicals, and the like.  BONUS: if you get it your appointments out of the way earlier in the year, you can beat the crowds in November and December, when everyone is rushing to use up their year of insurance!

More to read about eye doctors and the like:

Eyes: 15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Them

Reader’s Digest Guide to Eye Care and The Big Book of Family Eye Care

–How is eye color determined genetically?


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